Naginata Reiho and Reigi

  • The Head instructor is responsible for all the training at her/his respective Dojo.
  • Assistant instructors assist with the training as directed by the Head instructor.
  • After training has finished, it is proper for the Head instructor to make comments and answer questions from the students. It is improper for an Assistant instructor to gather students (Shugo) for this reason, unless asked to do so by the Head Instructor.
  • If there is a discrepancy in the way a technique is executed, this discussion should be between the sensei involved, not in front of the students.

Basic Etiquette


  • Always greet the Sensei as soon as they enter the dojo

  • Always show courtesy and respect for all Sensei, fellow dojo members, and guests. This courtesy should follow students outside the dojo, as you are a representative for the art of Naginata.

  • Always open the door for Sensei or offer to help them with the equipment they carry (always ask, don’t just grab, get their permission to assist them)

  • If arriving to dojo after everyone has bowed in, make sure to bow in on your own. Preferably in seiza, but if not, a standing bow would suffice.

  • Should you need to walk in front of someone, make sure to excuse yourself by bowing your head slightly and putting your hand up in front of you (demonstration).

  • Make sure your attire is clean, pressed and presentable. Hair should be pulled back and out of the eyes.

  • For the seminar/Taikai, name badges should be worn with your name in both Japanese & English. They are to be worn on the left side of your gi.

  • If you are one of the first in the dojo, please start preparing the floors, do not wait to be asked to do so.

  • Try to wait until the Sensei excuse you for water or bathroom break. However, if you cannot wait, politely excuse yourself before leaving. (demonstrate) When returning to the floor, make sure to bow back in (standing bow).

  • When visiting another dojo, make sure to contact the instructor to ask permission to attend.

  • If you are visiting another dojo, make sure you let your Sensei know, and inform the Sensei at the dojo you will practice. It is rude and unacceptable to just "show up".

  • Never, under any circumstances, step ON or OVER your or any other naginata lying on the floor. Even though it is not a live blade, you need to respect and treat it as such.

  • Should you need to lay down your naginata for any reason, make sure to set it down in the designated area or in an area that will prevent it from being stepped on/over..

  • The following items are not allowed on the dojo floor: gum, watches/jewelry and tabs. Please make sure to remove them prior to arriving at the dojo.

  • "Horseplay" or fooling around in the dojo is considered rude and is prohibited.

  • Never use the naginata as a toy(e.g. twirling it) or crutch (e.g. leaning on it).

  • Never touch anyone's equipment without permission.

  • It is strongly suggested that nail polish not be worn on the dojo floor (for both hands and feet). Natural or clear color is allowed, however dar or bright polish is not allowed.

  • When sitting, do not show your feet. Make sure your hakama covers them at all times.

  • Women should not sit crossed legged. It is proper to sit off to the side with feet covered by hakama.

  • Under no circumstances should there be ANY talking while the Sensei is addressing the group. This is considered extremely rude.

  • If instructed to perform a technique in a way that you are not familiar with, do not question or object to the Sensei. Instead, ask for clarification from your own Sensei after practice has concluded, preferably in a discrete manner(ie. Do not openly voice your misgivings of the technique)

  • Do not correct others. Always look to instructor(s) for any questions or clarifications.

Bogu Etiquette

  • Set out bogu properly when arriving to dojo.

  • Put on bogu quickly, ideally within four minutes.

  • Make sure your bogu is secure before beginning okeiko.

  • Himo - Men himo are to lay flat and side by side; Sune ate himo, tuck the ends of the himo underneath so that do not come undone during okeiko.

  • No talking while putting on bogu.

  • Make sure to tie tenegui properly.

  • Four minute maximum time limit to put on bogu.