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Naginata is a traditional Japanese blade that comes in the form of a pole weapon. Atarashi Naginata is a martial arts discipline using a naginata with wood shaft and a bamboo “blade”. Practice of naginata is more than mastery of the weapon; respect, discipline and proper state of mind are just as important as physical development.

The concept of Naginata is to foster people harmonious in body and mind through training in its techniques.

Southern California Naginata Federation(SCNF) is a member of the United States Naginata Federation(USNF). The International Naginata Federation(INF) is the worldwide governing body for Naginata.

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"...to embrace self-reflection; to have the humility to praise one's opponent - these are the kinds of things I hope we can learn through our naginata training."
- Kimura Yasuko (Tendo-Ryu, 17th Souke)